A few words about Immense Fab

Immense Fab Ltd is a comprehensive steelwork company based in Peterborough, offering design / fabrication / installation services across the UK.

Our aim is to provide a personal and professional service to all our customers and with over 20 years trade experience and a workforce committed to safety and quality we can offer this premium level of service.

Our Expertise

Immense Fab Ltd has the resources to achieve all your design requirements. Our aim is to be proactive and engaged in every aspect of the design process. we also go to great lengths to ensure that all risk elements are eliminated or reduced to a suitable level whilst in the design process, making sure our site services Comply with our "low risk" safety policy, whilst maintaining our personal and professional service throughout.

Immense Fab Ltd has an abundance of experience in manufacturing all types of steelwork and pipework fabrications, in a wide range of mild and stainless steels. With our highly experienced and qualified workforce, we are able to undertake projects both large and small.

In addition to our steel fabrication, we offer a full installation service, in which products can be fitted in their final locations/position, by our team of fully trained site operatives, who hold the relevant site competences to provide a quality installation service which is efficient and effective whilst adhering to company safety policies.
We will always work with the client to carry out works at the most convenient times, this can often means nights/weekends/shutdown periods. But with our dedicated site operatives this is always achievable across the United Kingdom.

our team

Ian Underwood

Operations Director

Ian started as a steel erector over 20 years ago and quickly progressed into a lead erector fitting various types of industrial and architectural metal work all over the country before founding Immense Fab Ltd. Ian’s main objective is that projects are reliably planned, executed and delivered from start of design to the final handover to our clients.

Martyn Cooke

Business Development Director

Before co-founding Immense Fab Martyn gained years of experience in bridge manufacturing with complex fabrication programmes for large companies such as Network Rail & London Underground. Matryn’s main objective is to understand activities in the construction market, acquire new customers and ensure a smooth launch of projects.

Christian Foyer

Sales & Marketing Advisor

Christian is a motivated manufacturing professional with years of experience in the automotive, aerospace and construction sector. Christian is supporting the business with the development of a sales and product strategy as well as with a systematic approach to access bigger building contracts and a stable project pipeline.

Sally Ann Dove

Head of Finance & HR

Sally-Ann is heading our finance, legal and human resources matters. Her relentless support and collaboration are very welcome by our clients. Sally Ann’s main objective is to ensure a robust financial structure and cashflow control as well as compliant Human Resource processes.